Making Your Next Camping Trip as Safe as Possible


Making Your Next Camping Trip as Safe as Possible


Making Your Next Camping Trip as Safe as Possible

More and more of us are deciding to spend our vacations overseas. This is understandable! We are more exposed to the world than ever and most of us are spending increasing amounts of time browsing Pinterest boards filled with stunning locations, friends’ Instagram feeds filled with vacation pictures, and wanting to visit beautiful landscapes that feature in our favorite television series. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t the only option that you have when it comes to getting away from home for a bit. You could take a vacation closer to home and exchange all inclusive hotel rooms for a camping experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to bear in mind if you do take this option.

Avoid Camping Alone

While relatively few people would realistically head out camping alone, it’s important to remind you that it’s not a very good idea. Sure, it might be refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle. But camping is a great social opportunity where you can bond with others and spend some real quality time together. Camping with others also ensures that there are others around if you need any first aid or someone to call for help on your behalf.

Have Important Contacts Saved

Try to remain in places where there is phone signal. This will mean that you can still get in touch with help if you need any. Take your usual phone, but take a back up too. Smartphones are relatively fragile and camping is pretty active. Your phone could easily break if it falls out of your pocket at any time. Rocks tend to be a lot less forgiving than the carpet in your house. Having a cheap backup will ensure you’re contactable at all times. Have important contacts saved to your phone. Whether this is emergency services, local services, or legal help. While you are bound to find yourself immersed in nature, others’ negligent actions could mean that you need to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Pick Up Basic Survival Skills

Of course, you’re not likely to head right out into the wilderness and need to pull serious survival skills out of the bag before heading back home. But it is a good idea to learn some of the basics before you make your way off on your trip.

  • Always wear shoes – outside of your tent, you should always wear shoes. You never know where there might be some sharp rocks or some debris lying beneath grass, leaves, or other natural matter. Stepping on anything sharp without shoes on could cut your foot open and you may struggle getting back with all of your gear. This also goes for crossing rivers, where there may also be loose fishing hooks.
  • Avoid Crossing Rivers – speaking of rivers, avoid them in general. You never know where they might suddenly drop and become deep, or the current may be stronger than you originally anticipated.
  • Don’t Eat Any Natural Matter – take food with you. Don’t count on foraging. Chances are that you won’t know what’s edible and what’s not. Certain plant matter can actually be extremely poisonous.

Camping can be an extremely fun and alternative vacation. So, now you’ve got to grips with the basics, why not try it out?